Tina Marie and Billy Joseph

Visual Identity • Website Design


A spiritual partnership with an energy aligned with the cosmos.

Tina Marie and Billy Joseph are intuitive healers that share their gifts through many spiritual modalities. So, they needed a brand and website that accurately conveyed their powerful line of work.

We worked with Tina and Billy to create a space for them to share their story, what they do, and their various courses/content. This dreamy space allows the visitor to immerse themselves in Tina and Billy’s world as they understand who they are and what they do - layer by layer.

Expanding upon our logo work together, we helped Tina and Billy create new symbols for their programs that matched the new visual identity.


“Aside from her brilliant gift of creativity, she has such an eye for the design, color, theme, text, layout etc. and how to integrate it all so it looks AND feels so in alignment with my vision. She is also extremely intuitive, going above and beyond what I even asked to give that extra bit of magic that brings the site even more alive.

It has been such a joy to work with her and I’m so grateful for her patience, dedication, commitment and openness to design and create a visual representation of who I am and what I do. That is so special!”