Our Dharma is supporting you in living yours.


The Dharma Collective is a soulful branding studio that serves the passionate entrepreneur in living their purpose. We guide our clients through the process of creating an impactful brand that speaks to their ideal client.


Our Team


Cassandra Neece

Founder + Creative Director

A courageous leader and mindful marketing maven, Cass supports each of her clients in transforming their ideas into reality. With a keen eye for aesthetic and strategy to boot, she’ll be cheering you throughout the entire process.

As a strong communicator with a restless work ethic, Cass works with you every step of the way to make sure that your brand is fine-tuned. She will do everything in her power to help you feel confident and legitimate as you showcase your ideas and passions to the world.

Most days you can find her grooving to a good beat, flowing through a yummy yoga class and/or adventuring with her man Brent and their rescue-pup, Roscoe.


Brent Weber

Lead Photographer

Brent is a kind soul, an empathic communicator, and has a knack for connecting with people right off the bat.

These connections aid his eye in creating meaningful and beautiful imagery in his photography, and help him understand the best way to communicate with each of our clients. When you walk away from a photo session or a conversation with Brent, you rest easy knowing you were understood.

Brent’s favorite days are spent in free flow - exploring new places, and allowing the day’s story to unfold as it may - ending with deep thoughts, delicious food, and momentous conversations around a fire.


Curious about Dharma?

Simon Chokisky pin-pointed five “Dharma Types” in his book The 5 Dharma Types. Basically, he created categories in which human-beings serve others and what they’re predisposed to enjoy because of this. We got a lot out of this and we think you will too. Also, who doesn’t love a fun personality quiz?!


“When we follow our Dharma we are assured not only of our own prosperity but the good of everyone around us. The more we follow our purpose in the world, the more we lift up others in the process.”

Simon Chokisky