Live Your Inner Power

Visual Identity • Website Design • Photography • Marketing Strategy


Comprehensive branding and marketing support to create a beautiful and powerful brand.

Laurel Holland has been coaching people for over 20 years, helping them in creating a life they feel great about. We worked with Laurel to help her create a cohesive brand experience including her visual identity, photography, website, and social media presence. Alongside Laurel we’ve crafted a truly inspiring brand experience from any view.

Cass works with Laurel each month to clarify her marketing strategy and create maximum engagement so that she can create her desired impact. By partnering with Laurel, we’ve been able to help her clarify her message and serve authentically.


“Working with Cass has quickly transformed my business and allowed me to focus on what I need to as a business owner. She completely understands my vision and is able to translate that into a social media voice, marketing materials and overall image that reflects my brand in its totality.”