Ila Bridal

Visual Identity + Website Design


If I had to describe Ila in one word it would be pure love.

Ila has the biggest heart and passion for helping the contemporary woman find her dream dress while eliminating waste in the bridal industry. While she has been dreaming of owning her own store since she was a teenager, it was an honor to help Ila bring her dream into reality. We created a visual identity and cohesive website so her ideal bride-to-be can connect with her.

We wanted her visual identity to illustrate her expertise while representing the beautiful soul she is. Ila Bridal’s brand exudes her love by utilizing the heart she puts beside her signature. This warm, welcoming off-the-rack bridal shop is located in Nashville, Tennessee.


“When I reflect on this past year and the people that showed tremendous support, love, kindness to me y'all are at the top of the list and it blows my mind because you didn't have to be all those things to me. You could have just helped me build my site. You both went above and beyond- your talents are mega impressive and your hearts are even more beautiful!”