Our Visual Journey Through Nicaragua

Our choice to travel to Nicaragua stemmed from a desire to escape from routine, explore a new place/culture, and chase our passions. Before heading out, we didn’t know much of the country. We really went in with tempered expectations… but our excursions turned into everything we were wanting and more. 

Shortly after realizing that our time there was changing us in all of the best ways, we decided to start recording to not only give ourselves a little visual memory, but also to offer others a glimpse of our time there. In just two months, we were swept into a love-affair with a beautiful country. One with the kindest people, the brightest stars, and a temperamental sea.

Our time there was inspirational, eye-opening, and validating in a lot of ways. Nicaragua will always have a special place in our hearts, and we hope this video serves as a bit of inspiration to get out and explore a place you’ve never been.