The Balance of Doing vs. Being

Grand Teton National Park

The last time we wrote to you, we were in Maine. Since then we’ve trekked across the country - hitting Niagara Falls, the shores of Lake Michigan, through the heartland of Iowa and Nebraska (HEY CORN!), and then landed in Boulder, Colorado for a brief stay where we totally fell in love with the crunchy lifestyle there. Last week we were in Jackson, Wyoming and enjoyed the combo of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

Now, we’re writing to you from the shadows of the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. Just two days ago we had no idea where we’d be or that Idaho had way more to offer than potatoes - this place is America’s best kept secret.

Loveland Pass, Colorado

Over the past two months, we’ve hit all of our pre-planned ‘checkpoints’ and are starting to get into unchartered territory. Each day provides new opportunities and we’re trying to find a balance between unbridled exploration and an anchor to the comforts and responsibilities of everyday life. It’s a funny juxtaposition - as much as we’d love to be free-flowing vagabonds without a care in the world, we still have a desire to be productive, stay organized, and maintain our relationships. We’re learning a lot about balance on the road, especially when it comes to ‘doing’ vs. ‘being.’

We both feel that over the course of our lives our minds have been conditioned towards always ‘doing.’ So now our lifestyle is allowing us to reprogram that towards our natural state of ‘being’ and fully enjoying the present moment. Our best days are when we don’t plan too much. We find that by not striving to ‘do’ all the things, the enriching moments that we’re looking for present themselves effortlessly.

Lake Michigan Shoreline