Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Doing things that scare us - shifting the landscape that we’ve come to know is uncomfortable. The comfortable life we know, the daily routines we have all get stirred up like a snow globe and we’re left to watch the dust settle. The change, the swirl surrounds us as we hold on for dear life.


I’ve been doing a lot of things that scare me lately. Moving to a foreign country I’ve never been to for a few months. Witnessing the ultimate power of mother nature and swimming in waves that are more intense than I’ve ever seen. Riding on the back of a motorcycle, letting my hair whip in the wind while gazing at the vast array of stars above. It makes my heart race and I’m loving every second of it.

I was never someone to take risks before. I was always the girl to hang back while everyone else dared to pool-hop or ding-dong ditch. I attest my new found bravery to the man I love, the courage and conviction of knowing who I am and the opportunities that have come my way. I’ve said yes, strapped in and I’m enjoying the ride.

What I’ve come to realize is that through the uncomfortable, scary moments of life - when we shift the landscape, things swirl and it all feels so strange...right there, that’s where true growth lies. This could be moving to new place. Going somewhere we’ve never been. Doing a scary thing we never thought possible. It’s all a call for expansion, pushing past what we know towards something even better. Even if it ends up being “worse” - we learned in the process and we’re better for it.


Take comfort in knowing that the bold leap you’re thinking about taking, or the swirl you’re in will settle and you’ll be able to look back from where you’ve come in awe of the person you’ve grown into it. I know this for sure. What have you done lately that’s scared the sh*t out of you?

Follow your bliss - xo - Cass