Take a Trip to Abundance-Land with Tory Dube


We met up with fellow soulful entrepreneur Tory Dube on a sunny morning in San Diego to talk about passion, abundance and joy. Tory is a transformational coach and hypnotherapist who has an amazing message and story to tell. In our time together, we sat down in her home and Tory took us through her philosophy on aligning with what you want in your life by being joyful in the here and now.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The fastest way to passion, purpose, and the place you want to be is by spreading so much joy in the situation you’re already in!

  • Manifestation is being an energetic match for what you seek.

  • Our emotions are our guidebook to align with what we seek.

  • Energetically, we’re either in one of two villages: Lack Village or Abundance Land. A lot of us are right in the middle, attracting confusion.

  • The three steps to positive change are willingness, awareness, and power of choice.

  • When you find quiet and inner peace - that’s where you get your intuitive pings, next amazing ideas, and guidance for the next lily pad you’re meant to jump to.

Brent Weber