Jenna Wolf on Creating a Business, Ayurveda & Dharma


We’re so excited to be launching The Dharma Collective podcast!! Our first episode is extra special as it features our dear friend - Jenna Wolf. Jenna is a self proclaimed "wild medicine woman," and the creator of The Lotus Room in Nashville TN - an Ayurvedic Healing Studio that focuses on bodywork and Ayurvedic counseling.

In this episode we talk about how she got her business started, the joys and hurdles of being a business owner, and the ways in which she believes you can find and live your dharma.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How a school project grew into a full blown business

  • What Ayurveda is, and how it relates to yoga

  • The art of finding boundaries as an entrepreneur

  • A renegade perspective of starting a personal brand

  • The importance of celebrating milestones in your business

  • Where to find inspiration

  • How Jenna has seen dharma reflected in her own life

  • That your dharma is probably something you’re already doing

We left our conversation with Jenna feeling so uplifted and her perspective is one you do not want to miss. Here are a couple stand-out quote from this episode…

“If your passion doesn’t set you free then it’s the wrong path.”

“There is no secret remedy to living your passion except realizing that what you have to offer the world is enough.”