Dustin Neece on the Impact of Living a Passionate Life


Creating this podcast has allowed us to spotlight some of the most influential people in our lives and that’s really something special. This episode was such an honor to create since Dustin is not only Cass’ brother but is single-handedly the most passionate person we both know. Since he was young, Dustin has always let passion lead his life even when the going got tough. Dustin is an accomplished oil painter, teacher, and spiritual guide who is always down to have a meaningful conversation. In this episode, we dive deep into the reasons why it’s so important to live a life of passion and fulfillment and the simple ways in which you impact those around you, just by being your authentic self.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • That just by being yourself, and living a passionate life, you are an inspiration and in service towards others

  • Some practical guidance to get over the inherent challenges in dedicating your life to what you’re passionate about

  • How we’re all interconnected, and our actions & interactions have a profound effect on the world around us

  • The one thing you can do to progress more quickly in your spiritual path

  • The importance of getting specific in exploring “What do you want, and Why do you want it?”

Brent Weber