Bri McCorkell on Tapping into Your Intuition


Bri McCorkell is an intuitive life coach, wife, woo-woo mama and lover of mother earth. After her life hit rock bottom she looked around to realize that what she’d created was based on her beliefs of what other people wanted. From that point forward she has been on a mission to connect with her own truth while teaching women how to ask themselves what they would love for their life and trust the messages they receive. This episode will leave you feeling confident that you are your own guru.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The main ways to tune into your intuition

  • How to slow down in a way that feels good to you

  • The ways in which your body is sending you messages

  • Honoring yourself over everyone else

  • The key to tuning in and trusting

  • What it means to Reclaim Your Wild

  • Reconnecting with who we were as children and why that’s so important

  • How to start connecting to your intuition right now

A few of her magical words from our time together:

“We have the answers within us - they’ve been there all along and they’re there for us now.”

“Trust that you’re in the perfect place to begin and start where you are.”

You can learn more about Bri at

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