Find Your Backcountry with Jenny and Alyssa of Backcountry Nitro


Meet Jenny and Alyssa, two kickass lady-entrepreneurs who recently launched their own coffee brand. Backcountry Nitro is a nitrogen infused superfood coffee, built to fuel your outdoor adventures. We were stoked to sit down with these Colorado Boulderites who were such a big part of our travels this year, becoming fast friends and sharing stories around the campfire.

In this conversation we chat all about the road that brought them to where they are today and how a thirst for the outdoors has shaped their lives and inspired their one-of-a-kind brand.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Backcountry Nitro got its start

  • What it’s like having a best friend as a business partner

  • How to #findyourownbackcountry by doing what brings you joy

  • Where the inspiration for their cheeky brand comes from

  • How passion and purpose are main priorities for Jenny and Alyssa

You can check out Backcountry Nitro at their website, contribute to their Kickstarter here, AND watch the news clip we mention during the episode here.

Brent Weber