Andrew Leahey on Appreciating Your Own Story


Andrew Leahey is a singer-songwriter, rock-n-roller and part-time journalist for Rolling Stone based out of Nashville, Tennessee. We sat down with Andrew to hear his story of how he left his full time job to chase his dream of making music. A few years back, he found himself in a circumstance that threatened his life and hearing which gave him a new perspective on why it’s so important to follow your passion. Andrew’s ability to share his story and how it all relates to his mission and where he’s at now is beautiful and inspiring.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Following your bliss over the safe option is challenging but so rewarding

  • How his history plays a vital role in shaping his musical career

  • The ways in which his mission and purpose show through in his music

  • How Andrew re-dedicates himself even when the odds are stacked against him

  • Appreciation for your own personal story and how it fuels your mission

  • Trusting the signs to keep going when you’re feeling defeated and how it reaffirms your dharma

  • Vulnerability and honesty fuels connection with the right people who love what you do

  • Finding inspiration from the stories and people in your life

  • Why we should all chase our dreams right now

Here are a few juicy nuggets from our chat:

"When you’re face to face with something that threatens your existence, you learn what your existence even is."

"What fulfills you isn’t going to look like what fulfills your neighbor and it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t mean it’s any less fulfilling... it’s unique and different."

You can find our more about Andrew at his website

And find his incredible music on Spotify over here.