What We're Learning About Vanlife and Each Other


We wanted to provide a bit of an update on our #vanlife adventure, and provide some answers to the burning questions we get asked all the time during our life on the road. In this episode, we shoot each other hard hitting questions - “crossfire” style - and open up about the two-plus months we’ve spent in our new lifestyle.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How we’re faring as a couple - spoiler alert: HORRIBLY!! ( jk ;-) )

  • What it’s like living on the road and in such a small space

  • The eye-opening experiences and mindset shifts we’ve had during our travels

  • Our relationship with time regarding how we balance being present for the experience of seeing beautiful places and how we stay ‘connected’ for our work.

  • That we are huge nerds for natural sciences and learning about the natural world around us

Brent Weber