Your passion isn’t boring nor ordinary. Your visual identity shouldn’t be either.

There's countless quick fixes out there when it comes to creating a logo. Get one simple font customized with your name and boom, there you have it - a brand. Errrrrr, not so fast my friend. Creating a brand that connects with your clients and makes them feel your vibe is so much more.

When working together, there's an open channel of communication and a myriad of ways that we'll zero in on your vision so that the finished product truly feels like your authentic brand.

What would it feel like to have a brand and visual identity that truly feels like a reflection of your business? It's time to create one so you can feel legitimate and ready to thrive.

When I first met Cass I was in the process of overhauling my own business brand & name. My vision was unclear of how I wanted to attract my ideal client through my brand. Cass was able to take my descriptions and turn it into the brand of my dreams. She worked with me to develop a gorgeous new logo & website, exceeding my expectations. Her guidance, amazing design eye and support gave me the confidence to turn the vision of my brand around to reflect the client’s I love working with! I would highly recommend Cass to anyone & everyone!
— Ryan Bailey, Expecting Pelvic Health

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