Our mission is to support each and every soul we meet in finding and living their dharma.

That means providing you with the creative foundation and community necessary for living life on your own terms.

We know how it feels to waste time doing something you're not truly passionate about. It takes a lot of courage to break out and commit to doing something you truly love. We've been there and we want to help you along the way by providing inspiration and support.

You have everything you need to succeed. It’s time to showcase your unique gifts in a way that allows you to connect to your tribe.

Our mission is to be your roadmap and guide as we work together to create your authentic brand.

We want you to have a thriving business, sharing your unique gifts with the world.

Our dharma is supporting you in living yours.


Our collective was born on the kitchen floor of a one-room bungalow
in East Nashville, Tennessee.

Partners in life, Cassandra and Brent, knew the road ahead was taking them into business together as a traveling branding studio. Cass had been working in marketing for 10 years and growing her graphic design business for the last two - she was ready for the next step by bringing Brent into the fold with his business sense and exceptional photography skills.

They just needed a name. Something that encapsulated their wild nature and deeper connection to living life on their own terms, outside of what society considers “the norm”. As they brainstormed on the kitchen floor throwing around ideas, one thing after the next was meh...but once “How about The Dharma Collective?” came out of Brent’s mouth, that was it. Like a runaway train, their dream was set into motion and this corner of the internet was born.

We believe that we all have the power to create life in whatever way we choose, no matter what other people say. We want to empower and support you on your journey of designing life on your own terms. Our core business is serving you. Creating a visual identity that leads to a home base on the world wide web, a crystal-clear marketing strategy and photography that illustrates your passion.

What began in Nashville, Tennessee is now a gypsy caravan, adventuring around the world. Follow our journey over at our blog, The Dharma Bums, and reach out if you're ready to uncover and unleash your dharma - we're ready for you.

The Dharma Collective - Cass